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RM SafetyNet CFS 1 Year

RM SafetyNet Cloud Filtering Secondaries

RM SafetyNet Cloud Filtering Secondary Schools 1 Year

What is RM SafetyNet?

  • Web filtering software for schools - keeping  children safe online.
  • Everyone Protected
  • Instant reports when you need them
  • RM SafetyNet provides a hierarchical approach for Trusts

Protecting over 1.5 million users, RM SafetyNet has been ensuring the safety of children online for 20 years. 

By default, illegal websites are blocked by RM SafetyNet based on input from the Internet Watch Foundation, the Home Office, the Counter Terrorist list and security intelligence, including radicalisation content. RM has been a member of the Internet Watch Foundation for nearly 20 years. 

Our technology safeguards devices brought into school when they’re connected to the network. You can add your own filtering preferences and adjust access for different users.

Alerts can be set up to notify you of attempted access to harmful or sensitive content, highlighting any non-compliant  browsing activity.

As the product is cloud-based, no additional hardware is required on site and your system will automatically update.

Whether you want an ‘at a glance’ report for a quick meeting or a more in-depth analysis for the school governors, the reporting suite can produce this for you.

Reporting gives you the ability to identify which users, if any, have been attempting to access inappropriate content online and helps you to meet the statutory requirements for appropriate filtering as set out in the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) guidance. Reports also identify trends and statistics that many schools find useful, such as percentage of broadband consumed by various websites.

1 Year - SafetyNet Filtering for Secondary schools without RM Connectivity


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RM SafetyNet

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