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ClassVR Remote Setup and Training

ClassVR Remote Setup and Training

What's included in Setup & Training

  • Getting you connected to your network
  • How to use ClassVR
  • What is included in the content library overview
  • How to make your own playlists
  • How to share your playlists

Virtual Reality for Schools

ClassVR’s standalone VR headset comes with a unique student-friendly interface, embedded educational VR & AR resources and simple-to-use teacher controls.

Using technology in a busy classroom isn’t always as easy as it should be. The ClassVR interface and teacher portal provide the simple-to-use tools needed to ensure this exciting and engaging technology can deliver a rich, reliable experience for you and your students.

What is ClassVR?

ClassVR is an open platform, supporting virtual and augmented curriculum content, as well as allowing students and teachers to create, upload and share their own content, creating a collaborative community of global educational resources. Teachers can add value to every lesson with a wide array of subject specific resources and even create, upload and share their own content and contribute to creating a community of global educational resources with other ClassVR users.

ClassVR Headsets:

ClassVR headsets provide a safe and secure way for students to explore VR & AR in the classroom with the teacher keeping full control over each device. From a comfortable VR experience using the adjustable head straps to the intuitive and simple to use interface and controls, ClassVR headsets have been designed specifically for students of all ages.

ClassVR Portal:

The ClassVR portal includes access to a huge library of pedagogically sound content, including:

  • 1000s of UK curriculum and US state standards aligned content and resources
  • Engaging 360 images and videos, 3D models and explorable VR content
  • Downloadable structured lesson plans
  • Guides and worksheets to help spark the imagination of students
  • Access to our community of content created and shared by teachers from around the world
  • Ability to create and upload your own content
  • Integrations with VR and AR education content providers, such as CoSpaces & thinklink

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